Day 4 onwards of Paint Out at Arne

Well the weather has lived up to expectations and so far we have had tee shirt weather to 5 layers and cold( yesterday ). Nevertheless nothing has got in the way of creativity and experienced or not visitors have been having a go at painting the landscape.
Seeing as I have the use of the mess tent for the fortnight I have taken the opportunity to take my pastel set up:-


My oil set ups ( one very small and transportable and one less so):-


And then my sketching set up which is basically a haversack with a watercolour palette , pencils and inks , charcoal, watercolour sticks and some gouache, and sketchbook of course. So I travel light . Not . The interesting dilemma during my time at Arne is deciding which medium to work with . Usually if I am going out on a painting  trip that decision is made before I leave  the house. Now the decision before leaving the house is what sort of sandwich filling I might fancy and have I got my truly essential kit – including camera. spare battery, insulin , blood sugar monitor, phone (charged?), thermoses, energy drink.

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