Things coming together!

Some weeks back I wrote in my blog about being approached by a high end garment design company in the US ( and how , from what I thought was a scam, came a working partnership. It is a whole new fascinating world to me – we have been collaborating on the Autumn/Fall range for 2021. As it all comes together we need to talk about labels for the items so the learning curve goes on.

So two designs have jumped through all the hoops and been made into fabric and garments. It is really quite a strange feeling to see colours and design that I assembled be recreated as a textile.

So the two images that were eventually selected are ‘Solitaire’ and ‘Garden Epiphany’.

Garden Epiphany
Garden Epiphany

and Solitaire.

And the stunning final results are below. Thankfully they are both reversible as I can imagine some days my colours might just need turning down a bit :-

So for now these are not online as Autumn 2021 is a little way off but for now I am just so pleased I did pursue talking to Ubu Clothing as they have been a delight to deal with and it has given me a whole new experience despite lockdowns etc.

The moral of this little tale? Amidst all the fake news and scams that seem to swirl around permanently there are genuine people and genuine opportunities so keep an open mind😀.

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    • Hi Susan – thank you! Yes sometimes the unexpected works out! If you had asked me 6 months ago if I would ever get an image used for textile I would have laughed! Actually its the power of social media as that’s how they ‘found’ me 😀! Judy

  1. Hi Lyn – thank you Lyn – the whole ‘thing’ came from nowhere and rather brightened up parts of the last year!! ! How are you doing ? Of course you’ve got the magnificent views to keep you motivated ! And I see your work evolving so much – what are you working on at the moment? Judy xx

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