What a Whirlwind!

So where did the Summer go? I cannot believe it is only now that I am getting to update my blog . Open for Art went by in a VERY busy whirl – meeting hundreds of visitors, mostly in sunshine, and basically have a ball! To cap that we had a VIP pop in to my studio – none other than HRH Prince Charles – what a day  that was . The visitors here on that day really could not believe their own eyes . He was absolutely charming – interested in Peter’s veg patch and then up on the stairs to have a browse around my studio. I can confirm he really is knowledgeable and interested – I showed him my own personal crown jewels – my drawers of Unison pastels! By the time we left the studio there was quite a gathering in our garden – word had got out. He talked to everyone and shook hands with most – thank you HRH- it was real honour.

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