A short video start to finish a new painting working title ‘Green Abstract’.

Technology will not defeat me, not yet anyway ! I have been asked to do some online teaching so thought I ought to master some of the technology before I launch out in this direction.

So I have filmed a short video of one of my paintings start to finish. I virtually always start with an underpainting – for this one you will see me using a mixture of watercolours, inks and charcoal. I am using an Ampersand Pastelbord and predominantly Unison pastels .

I would love to hear your feedback and whether you find this useful reference material for your own painting methods.

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  1. Hi Judy, The painting you created is beautiful and I got a general sense of your process as described, underpainting followed by pastels. However I have to say I found the speed way to fast to really pick up any understanding of what and how you respond to the underpainting and use it to build your final composition. I hope this feedback is helpful.

    • Hi Amanda – very helpful thank you! And I am delighted you like the painting. I am in the process of improving the webcam to get a better picture ( I think the latter part of the video is actually out of focus slightly). My plan is to do some more detailed videos about certain aspects of what I do and how I do it. Do feel free to subscribe if you haven’t already and you will receive the next video link in the series. I am also planning to do zoom classes in the near future . I don’t send a lot of blogs out to my subscribers – maybe once or twice a month from now on.

  2. Hi, I liked your artwork very much and enjoyed watching, albeit, a bit too fast to get any understanding. What inspired it? Was it some objects, something from nature or a landscape? Did you get the texture from the paper support you were working on?

    • HI Sheila – yes it really was a ‘test’ video to see how complicated it is to do! Next mission is voice over so that I can explain more and hopefully you will see and hear more detail! I also thought the lat half of the video was out of focus which needs another bit of kit which is hopefully arriving today. If you subscribe to my blog you will be the first to hear about more detailed videos etc . I am also planning some zoom classes and live paining sessions! Thank you for your feedback I really appreciated it! Re texture – that all came from the pastels really and in terms of inspiration I am trying hard to be entirely abstract but obviously I paint a lot of organic things so that is bound to be in there somewhere!

  3. Hi Judy. Very interesting to see you working and the finished painting is lovely but……. it was a little frustrating to see you work so fast. Maybe some real time interspersed with some time lapse or fast stuff. Could have watched it for at least another 15 minutes because I did I really enjoy it. X

    • HI Lyn – thank you for such lovely constructive feedback – my plan is longer videos with some voice over so if you are interested to hear more and in more detail maybe subscribe to my blog and be the first to hear! Loving your work too by the way x

  4. I loved your painting,Judy! It reminded me of a photograph of some seaweed I took a picture of years ago..but more lively and beautiful….thinking I’d love to paint that but no idea how. Your video has made me want to try it out today and experiment with your process. So for someone like me who is trying out different techniques of mixing media, it was just the inspiration I needed this morning. Thank you.

    • Carol – thank you for your lovely email – I am delighted you have found it useful – do subscribe to my blog as I plan some longer videos in the coming weeks – Happy Painting!

  5. A really good start with your test video. I look forward to the more in-depth versions. I admire your pastel work – the vibrance and looseness appeals to me. Sadly my occasional efforts with this medium fail miserably, but that doesn’t stop me enjoying watching it used so effectively.

    • Good mooring Sonia – thank you for your message – and thank you for such positive comments on my work. All I can suggest is keep playing with the pastels and other materials and you will begin to go in the direction that you want to! I am planning some more videos and will put them straight on to my blog when they are ready. I have been slightly distracted by a painting deadline that I need meet! Once that is done I can play with the technology some more! Keep painting! Best regards Judy

    • Hi Ren -thank you for such positive feedback – feel free to subscribe to my blog where the next video will be launched on ! I am knee high in acrylics at the moment but I feel a soft pastel painting with video is not far away! Best regards Judy

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