And the results of using the mangle?

Following the print workshop I went to the other week I am enthused ( an understatement) to learn more about printing . Thing is it is a huge creative world in its own right. And where do you start ? The other week was an eye opener in terms of the potential ‘to create’ in a new direction. The 3 images below are very basic but could develop in so many ways . The top two are prints recreating the basic motif in a recent painting of mine called Midsummers  Dream. From that image I have produced a silk flag ( blog to follow)  and the images below. Both entirely different but , to my eye. having potential. The 3rd image below is , quite simply , a leaf and ink ( and mangle of course!). That image excites me as I want to use that principle in mixed media. It is cooking in my head . Watch this space. I need to look up my notes but next blog I will tell me/you what these printing techniques are called . And there are many.

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