The best open studio in the world

Today I get to do something different. RSPB Arne ( near Wareham Dorset) invited me to go and paint at a location that , until now, has not been open to you or me. Just for the fortnight of Purbeck Art Weeks – 28th May to 12th June 2016.

RSPB have erected a mess tent and now all I have to do is go and paint and encourage others to have a go . And some fellow artists and photographers will join me – so what’s not to like!

Normally I like to travel light but not this time!


And this is where I am going

I hope to post more regularly over the coming couple of weeks – the trials and tribuations of life in a rather unique place.
Off to get my thermos prepared .Marmite and cucumber sandwiches along with quails eggs left over from Gallery at 41 party – true heaven!

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