Day 1 and 2 at RSPB Arne(with mess tent)

A fabulous start to this event – warm and sunny with a cooling breeze – perfect painting weather. We have had a steady trickle of visitors, artists, photographers, twitchers, families and walkers. The location is perfect – tide out is something I find very appealing wherever I am. The colours that can be found in the wet sand are stunning and the more you look the  more you see. I have real no plan for my days at Arne but I am very attracted to the tide line here and am beginning to think maybe I will be painting it in various mediums( of which more in tomorrow’s blog).


Of course all artists have different thoughts on what to paint and today was no exception.

This image has gone into my ‘to be thought about later’ bank  and will probably become a much larger piece in the winter.
Tomorrow I will post some photos of my ‘work’ so far.

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