Spreading my colour addition!

A very complimentary reference received from Broadstone Art Society thank you!  :-

Judy Tate gave a most inspiring demo and workshop based  on the use of pastels.
The in-depth tutorial allowed each of us to experience a different way of working with
a selection of papers and colours.  Vibrantly coloured inks, acrylic gouache, water colour and
alcohol sprays introduced us to a different way of preparing a ground for drawing and painting
in pastels.
Judy gave each person individual tuition and encouraged each of us to produce
some very worthwhile pieces of artwork.
A valuable few hours spent in the company of an excellent teacher.


A very colourful time was had at Broadstone Art Society this week. What a proactive group! The workshop was very hands-on with lots of products used in the underpaintings we all did ( prior to the main event ….pastel of course!). Acrylic gouaches, acrylic fluids, acrylic inks, charcoal – all were used in the under paintings (on water resilient pastel paper – Art Spectrum Colourfix ). Once dry out came the pastels and licence to be adventurous with the colour. Some great results were had by one and all. Everything from entirely abstract to realistic.

Here are some of the results:-


Alliums WIP

Alliums on the easel!

Some of the participants work

Action with inks

I must be doing something right!


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